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The Most Harmful Eating Habits

Nina NordNina Nord
Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Eating habbits

Among the most harmful eating habits is constantly snacking - this leads to the fact that you start overeating. There's nothing wrong with eating a little in between meals to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

But if, instead of eating a fruit or a vegetable or some healthy food, you just gobble down food every half hour, you will very soon lose your normal rhythm. Foods such as chips and sweets (cream cakes, chocolate cakes, syrup cakes) should be eaten in moderation, because they can be very harmful if you eat too many of them.

To keep your energy up, eat a healthy sandwich, whole-wheat crackers with cheese, a handful of dried fruit, an avocado sandwich, protein bars or nuts, or a carrot.

Very often, people just eat something while watching TV. If you eat in front of the TV, you will consume fifty percent more food than at the table.

So eat before you sit down in front of the TV, or if you need to munch on something while watching a movie, stock up on a large amount of chopped vegetables.

Women very often go for sweets and pastries to fix their bad mood. This calms them down for a short time, but it affects both the mood in the following hours and the waistline.

Before you go for the cream cake, think about what exactly ruined your mood. Try to fix the problem by calling a friend or going to a movie or a club.

Many people eat right during the week, but on the weekend they eat like they're never seen food before. That way they ruin the whole effect of a five-day healthy diet with cheese pizza, fried chicken, breaded chicken, doner.

Before you go out with friends on the weekend, eat well at home, so that you are not tempted with unhealthy foods. However, don't limit yourself so much during the week, so that you don't go crazy on the weekend.

Rolls are a bad habit

Eating packaged foods - concentrated soups, canned food and packaged sweets /croissants, rolls, small sweets, éclairs/ can become a source of sudden obesity. Opt for fresh vegetables and soups at diners made with real ingredients over those in tins and packages. For dessert, eat fruit or yogurt.

Many people eat on the go – while driving or walking. That way you constantly feel hungry and stuff yourself with dry food. If you really don't have time to eat at the table for at least fifteen minutes during the day, eat nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit or dairy products.

A very bad eating habit is to eat quickly. By swallowing whole slices of meat pizza without chewing, you are harming your stomach. When you eat very quickly, the brain does not have time to be able to track the meal and it takes more than twenty minutes to know that you have eaten. At this time, you continue to swallow food at a rapid pace.

Try to eat more slowly - this way you will spare your stomach and eat significantly less. Sweet eaters should know that a few candies can give them a boost of energy, but then there's a sharp drop. Alternatives to candies are dried fruit and sweet cornflakes.

Here are the most harmful eating habits

Eating once a day

It's an eating disorder. The metabolic rate slows down and the weight is shed much more easily. The person who eats once a day does not even feel this, because the body adapts and this is where those metabolic disorders and the accumulation of extra weight appear.

These metabolic changes change the body and extra weight appears year after year. When people go to the nutritionist, they say that they cannot eat in the morning, but they want a diet to lose weight, so that they can eat in the evening and what they like, but in no case in the morning. People are not aware that they are in a completely wrong system that needs to be changed.

Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a bad habit

Many people usually skip meals. That way they overeat more and their activity is reduced. This is a very bad eating habit. To be healthy and lean, eat in the morning. This way you will have time to burn the calories and you will feel energetic.

Those who skip breakfast do not realize that they have lower productivity at work or school, attention is lower as well. People who skip breakfast suffer from poor concentration, dizziness, irritability, mood swings.

Late dinner

Most modern busy people do not eat at the same time, but when they have the opportunity. Often times, the evening is the only time they can eat in peace. Unfortunately, this happens late. People calm down when they come home in the evening with their families and the rich dinner appears - chicken steaks, meatballs in sauce, kebabs with side dishes, stuffed peppers with minced meat, moussaka with topping - the table is stacked with so many temptations, who can resist them!

Even though they have consumed a lot of food and are tired, people can no longer stop eating, because this way they relieve all the stress of the day. Food has the function of modulating the emotional status to ease all the pains of the day. Excess weight and a number of problems arise without realizing that we have harmful eating habits. Depending on the person's biorhythm, 4 hours before bedtime is ideal for the last meal; of course not very rich food, which is hard-to-digest, so that they can have a restful sleep. Sleep is very important when it comes to weight management.

Eating harmful bread

Bread is an essential part of every home and it is no secret that we often eat too much of it. Unfortunately, bread, which is sold in stores, also contains harmful ingredients. White flour is not the most healthy. So eating too much white bread can be a bad eating habit that hurts your blood sugar and makes you gain weight. Try to eat more gluten-free bread, multi-grain bread, bread with seeds, bread with nuts, rye bread.

Pastry snacks

Eating pastry snacks and desserts is typical for people. Cheese pastries, jam donuts, savory rolls, marmalade rolls, cookies and pretzels are part of the morning snack of many. All these snacks contain white flour, yeast, sugar and harmful fats. When consumed every day, it is a bad eating habit.


Juices are high in calories and high in sugar, promoting obesity. They should be consumed in moderation (if possible at a party) and not fill the shelves at home with them. Frequent drinking of juices leads to weight gain and to tooth decay.

Afternoon snack

Afternoon snacking is not a bad eating habit

Around 3-4 p.m., we really crave something sweet for an afternoon snack. Usually, after a meal, the body's energy level drops dramatically. So imagine that the only way to perk up is to eat a whole bar of chocolate. But this is a bad eating habit. How to avoid it? The fight against obsessive sweet cravings often ends in defeat. It is better to eat only two or three pieces of chocolate. If you learn to control yourself, it will be great. To avoid cravings, take a breath of fresh air, talk to colleagues, take a walk or drink coffee.

Wrong food combinations

Everyone loves rich dishes and an explosion of flavors, but if you combine the wrong foods, that can lead to heaviness in the stomach, nausea, vomiting and other ailments. For example, it is not recommended to eat eggs with fish. It is also not desirable to mix too many different types of food in one dish.


Smoking is a well known bad habit, but when you smoke while eating, it further damages your health. Try to refrain from smoking during meals, so that you don't disturb others. No one enjoys eating in a smoky environment.

Other harmful habits during meals is to drink a lot of water or liquids, which dilutes the gastric juices and interferes with the processing of food.

A lot of talking and moving around while eating is also not very helpful to digestion.

Eating in front of the computer is another harmful habit of modern people, which is unfortunately occurring more and more.