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Weird Sauces you've Probably Never Heard of

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Any meal is always more delicious with a serving of good sauce, and while dishes in the West are usually accompanied by ketchup and mayonnaise, in other locales throughout the world they use slightly more unusual sauces to flavor their food.

Banana Ketchup

In the Philippines they prepare quite a strange, yet delicious, ketchup from bananas, sugar and vinegar. The banana ketchup was invented when the country was experiencing a serious shortage of tomatoes but Filipinos wanted to keep producing their favorite ketchup. That was how they decided to substitute tomatoes with bananas and today they still season their burgers with banana ketchup.


Marmite is a thick, brown sauce made from byproducts of the brewing industry. To this they add a little yeast and lemon, while in Holland they even serve it spread on a slice of bread.


Chotkal, the characteristic of Korea sauce, is made from fermented fish, its innards or roe. It's extremely popular for flavoring different types of soups.

Japanese Sauce

Fish Sauce

Even though it may not look particularly appetizing, the fish sauce prepared in Thailand is tasty. Its ingredients include anchovies, salt and water, and it has a brown color in its final form.

Fermented Cottage Cheese

The cubes of fermented cottage cheese are highly aromatic and served with almost every rice dish in Japan. The cottage cheese must ferment for a minimum of 6 months.

Spicy Indian Pickle

In India they prepare some of their familiar delicacies with a mixture between marinated vegetables and spices. The sauce is known as Spicy Indian Pickle and has a yellowish color.