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What the Different Nations Worldwide Combine Their Fries with

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Fries with ketchup, a classic and favorite combo for many, although different countries around the world prefer to combine their fries with other products, to make them more appetizing.

In Vietnam, a serving of fries is never complete if it's not served with a little butter and sugar. For Canadians, the most delicious French fries are served with large pieces of soft cheese and gravy.

If you order a side of fries in the US, you'll typically get them in a carton and garnished well with chili, cheese and green onions.

With a serving of fries in Kenya you'll also receive a real treasure trove of spices. There, they are always served with salt, black pepper, cumin, and tandoori masala, which is a mixture of various other spices mixed in a clay oven, turmeric and tomato sauce.

In Peru, you can grab a serving of fries in combination with hot dog wiener pieces, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, aji sauce, all sprinkled with fresh parsley.

Fries with Feta

The Dutch eat their French fries in a strange combination, to put it lightly. They garnish them generously with peanut butter, mayonnaise or various appetizing sauces and chopped onions.

If you'd like to eat fries the way the Germans do, combine them with bacon, salt, black pepper and onions.

In Great Britain and Ireland they don't like to go overboard in garnishing their fries, only adding curry sauce to them.

Fries with Bacon

Classic Belgian fries are also on the conservative side when it comes to condiments; they are only garnished with mayonnaise there.

The Spanish, who are true spicy enthusiasts, never miss adding spicy cayenne pepper, black pepper, fresh tomatoes, bay leaf, sugar and wine vinegar to their fries. Sometimes they fry them a second time and add aioli sauce.

And what is your favorite combination when eating fries?