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Confectionery Colors and Dyes

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confectionery dyes

Various harmless colors and dyes are used in the preparation of cakes, biscuits and creams. There are many confectionery colors that please the eye with their bright saturated colors.

Although they are not harmful to your health, some of the finished confectionery dyes and pigments that are sold in stores do contain substances which are not natural.

To be sure that the pastry colors and dyes contain only natural ingredients, prepare them yourself. You will get a beautiful cake or cookies without worrying that it may contain harmful chemicals.

safe dyes

Green you can easily make by adding boiled and blended spinach to the cream or sugar dough, which will cover the cake. Depending on how much spinach you add, you will get a dark green or light green.

A brown color is obtained in several ways. You can use cinnamon, which depending on how it is added, may stain the cream or sugar dough in beige or brown.


Cocoa powder is also used to establish a beige, light brown and dark brown. You can also use instant coffee, espresso sludge and ground coffee beans to get those colors. Caramelized sugar and melted or grated chocolate is also used to create different shades of brown.

A gray color can be easily achieved by using poppy seeds. This yields a gray with black spots, which are everywhere.

beet color

A red color can be prepared using a cooked or raw beet which is grated, crushed, and filtered through gauze. Beets tend to dye objects easily, so cook them while wearing gloves.

Beets can also be used to achieve a pink color. Peach can be prepared by using very low doses of curry or paprika.

An orange color is obtained by using pumpkin and yellow and light orange - with carrots. A gold color is achieved with low doses of saffron.

White icing colors are achieved by using cream and powdered sugar.