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What is the Difference Between Regular, Whipped, Sour and Confectionery Cream?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

Cream is one of the most commonly used ingredients in cooking. Everyone uses it to make delicious dishes. It is used in the preparation of sauces, cream soups, various types of meat and of course - cakes. It is often the base of various creams, sponge cake layers and glazes and is a must-have for any other sweet treat.

Cream can be added to a dish or pastry in a different form, according to what is required for, as well as depending on the personal preferences of the cook or his guests.

Cooking cream

Liquid cream

Start with the cooking cream, which is usually used in the preparation of savory dishes. You must have heard of the delicacies of the type of mushrooms with cream or chicken with cream. It could also be used to make something sweet, if powdered sugar were added to it, as it is generally unsweetened.

Whipped cream

Cream spray

Whipped cream is one of the tastiest varieties, which is usually used for decorations and fillings. Its fat content should be high (over 30%). It is obtained by adding regular or powdered sugar to the cream and whipping the mixture with a mixer, until a thick, fluffy consistency is obtained. You can make it yourself at home or buy it. It is also usually sold in the form of a spray, which makes it easier for cooks who are thinking of decorating their confectionery with it.

Sour cream

Sour cream

Sour cream most closely resembles the taste of yogurt, which is why many people prefer it when they are busy in the kitchen. Both sweet and savory dishes can be prepared with it. Its fat content is about 25-30%.

Whipped cream

Confectionery cream

We can judge what the application of confectionery cream is by its name. It is involved in the creation of almost all sweet culinary masterpieces - cakes, creams, small cakes and larger cakes, souffles and even ice cream. It easily turns into whipped cream when you beat it with a mixer. Add a little sugar and before you know it, you'll have a wonderful cream for your favorite treats.

You now have the information you need to make amazing sweet and savory culinary creations, so you have no excuse not to get started on one now!

Once you are familiar with the cream terminology, we recommend making cream sauce, cream cake or delicious cream custard.