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Proper storage of spices

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All household work has basic rules and spices are no exception. These are not only related to their proper use in different meals, but with adequate preservation.

The basic rules for storage of spices are not to leave them in heat and direct sunlight. It is best for them to be kept in the dark cabinets with average temperatures and low humidity. Another factor that affects the quality of spices are smells. It is necessary to store spices in individual containers that have a lid - to be opened when needed to be used.

If you are used to storing all kinds of spices in the same place in a container, then you've probably noticed that any of the ingredients you add to a dish, all have the same mixed and confused taste. Keeping them in the same place goes against the whole point of use.

Spices in bowls

Most herbs are marketed in two versions - ready powdered and those who themselves have to ground. We can find vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, beans or nuts and get them ground immediately before use - so the flavor is much stronger.

If you grow spices at home, you can store them in several ways. A well-known option is drying. Bundle the spice and leave it in a well ventilated, dry place until dry. A better method is spreading the spices on paper and covering them with another piece of paper, then allow them to dry.

In jars or cans, you can keep dried herbs. If you choose fresh herbs, you can store them in the freezer - washed and cut, then folded in boxes or bags.