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Proper egg Storage

Looking for proper egg storage? Check out our 12 ideas for proper egg storage on Bonapeti
Proper storage of spicesProper storage of spicesThese are not only related to their proper use in different meals, but with adequate preservation....
Proper Storage of QuincesProper Storage of Quinces
Where and how long to store quinces for The refrigerator is considered an ideal place to store quinces at home....
Proper storage of eggsProper storage of eggs
Proper storage of eggs is extremely important, especially in the days after Easter, when there are a lot of eggs around....
How to Properly Beat Egg Whites?How to Properly Beat Egg Whites?
If a clear and visible trace remains, then the egg whites have been properly beaten!...
Egg YolksEgg Yolks
Storage of Egg Yolks A large portion of recipes require the use of only the egg whites....
Egg Allergy in ChildrenEgg Allergy in Children
With egg allergy, the immune system perceives the protein as a harmful substance, as a result of which the body forms a protective reaction. Various...
Scotch EggScotch Egg
Place an egg in the middle and shape it. The breading is: flour, egg, breadcrumbs, then again egg and breadcrumbs. Fry in oil....
Egg SaladEgg Salad
Season the egg salad according to your taste....
Egg LiqueurEgg Liqueur
The egg liqueur is ready to serve and should be consumed right away!...
Egg RollEgg Roll
Chop the carrot, garlic and onions very finely. Beat the eggs with the milk in a bowl with a mixer, then remove the mixer, add the rest of the ingredients...
Egg BasketsEgg Baskets
Before serving, remove the egg baskets from the metal baskets....


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