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Should We Take Immunostimulants While We are Sick

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Nadia Galinova
Should We Take Immunostimulants While We are Sick

Every year with the onset of the cold seasons comes the constant advice on how to take care of our health in the face of the threat of colds and flu. This year, the coronavirus pandemic, which belongs to the group of viral diseases, was added to them.

The complicated epidemic situation is accompanied by more complicated requirements for the prevention of this infection.

What should we keep in mind in our attempts to stay healthy?


There is a wide variety in the offerings of nutritional supplements and vitamins with the claim that they help immunity. To what extent this is true cannot be said, because nutritional supplements are controlled by the food agency and there the parameters that are monitored are different from those of the drug agency. Therefore, nutritional supplements should not be viewed as immunostimulants.

Vitamin C and zinc are suitable immune support for already ongoing colds. Vitamin C reduces the duration of the course of the illness and zinc is a prophylactic agent of any viral infections.

There are other preparations that keep the immune system in good condition, but they require long-term use and their effect appears after weeks, so they are not a good choice if the illness is already a fact.

Immunostimulants are good for protecting against any viruses. Attention! However, they should be taken when your body is healthy. In the human body, nature has built natural immunity. Immunostimulants aim to support it. A major stimulant is vitamin D, because it has the potential to deal with even a severe infection.

Chicken soup instead of immunostimulants

With an already existing infection with a coronavirus infection, for example, such stimulation is not only useless but also dangerous. As a consequence of the stimulation of the immune system, it can give an overstrong immune response to the infection, which turns against the organism.

Such a development of things in medicine is called cytokine storm. It has severe, often fatal consequences for the patient's life. It is especially dangerous in a young and strong organism, as it is too powerful and leads to sudden death for the patient.

If you want to help yourself while you are sick at home, make this Chicken Soup for Good Immunity or this Honey Elixir for Strong Immunity and stay healthy!