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Proven Benefits of Turmeric and Black Pepper Consumption

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Proven Benefits of Turmeric and Black Pepper Consumption

With spices we change the taste of food. We make it more healthy, different, more interesting. The impact of spices on food is so strong that it has carried over into other areas of life. We are talking about tampering with the taste of life in general, of relationships between people.

This attitude to the importance of spices is not exaggerated. With the right combination, the metabolic processes in the body improve, and the risk of the appearance of cancer cells decreases.

Spices allow different combinations to achieve a new taste sensation and one of the unexpectedly good ones is between turmeric and black pepper. What can we get from their tandem?

Turmeric contains curcumin. The bright yellow chemical has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, protecting healthy cells from free radicals that damage them. However, it is easily lost because its metabolism is fast and it is eliminated through the liver.

Black pepper contains a compound known as piperine. It increases the value of available nutrients by facilitating their absorption in the body. Supports and detoxifies the liver.

Black Pepper

If we combine the two spices, we increase the amount of curcumin that the body is able to take in and use. The reason lies in piperine's ability to slow down the processing and elimination of curcumin by the liver. This way, the body enjoys the beneficial benefits of curcumin for a longer time.

This is not the only benefit of the combination of aromatic spices. Together, they reduce inflammation in the body as they act as an anti-inflammatory, boosting the body's defenses.

Turmeric and black pepper in combination are beneficial for brain functions. Together, they reduce the risk of dementia and the development of Alzheimer's. Their antioxidant properties protect brain cells and enhance memory by increasing blood flow to the brain.

They also have a beneficial effect on the intestines, by improving digestion. They eliminate complaints such as bloating, flatulence and reduce any inflammation in the digestive system. The useful substances in them support the absorption process of nutrients and improve peristalsis of the intestinal tract.

Heart disease subsides with regular use of the two combined spices. Thanks to curcumin, endothelial cells function better, which reduces cardiovascular disease.

Turmeric and black pepper individually have anti-inflammatory properties and relieve pain in arthritic diseases. Combined, they are anti-inflammatory by destroying free radicals.


The main ingredients in turmeric and black pepper, curcumin and piperine, help treat vitiligo by stimulating the skin to produce melanocytes, the pigments needed to reduce the disease.

Fighting high cholesterol levels, the two spices help to lose extra pounds by helping the body break down fat faster.

In addition to flavoring food, turmeric and black pepper are also suitable for preparing a warm drink with milk, honey and cinnamon to warm the body and soul on cold winter days.

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