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How Much Dough is Made for One Pizza?

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Pizza is an absolute classic in the culinary world. There is hardly a person who does not admire its taste and does not prepare it for their table.

Italian cuisine certainly gives the world extremely good food, but with the pizza recipe it certainly reaches the hearts of all connoisseurs.

Even more tempting is that this specialty has a fairly easy recipe that anyone can prepare at home.

The most important element of pizza, however, is the pizza dough. Contrary to popular belief, the pizza from the original recipe has a very thin crust and a bulky crust at the end.

To prepare the classic recipe for it, you need yeast, flour, sugar, salt, olive oil and warm water. Generally, for a pizza dough sized for 4-6 slices, the flour should be about 1 kilogram. According to this, the weights of the other products are also measured.

If you are looking for the most simplified option, you can buy ready-made dough, on which you can only layer the desired products and bake it.

To get a pizza with the size of 4 slices, you need to take 600 g of dough. Pizza dough is usually special and labeled for such a purpose.

It is most often sold in the form of a package of 2 dough balls of 200 g each.

Therefore, for 8 pieces, you can respectively buy 3 packages of 400 g each and use them for a total of 2 pizzas.

If you already have enough dough for 1 pizza, check out these recipes for:

- vegetarian pizza;

- Calzone pizza;

- pizza with ham.



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