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How to Make a Fluffy and Dense Topping for Moussaka?

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How to Make a Fluffy and Dense Topping for Moussaka?

Moussaka is one of the most favorite dishes. The moussaka topping is probably the most important part of this delicious dish. But unfortunately, it gets less attention than it should. In the following advice, we will reveal to you how to make a fluffy and dense topping for moussaka.

What products are needed?

You will need:

- 4 eggs;

- 250 grams of yogurt;

- 1/2 tsp. soda;

- 1 tablespoon of flour;

- a little salt;

How do you prepare a topping for moussaka?

First, the eggs are beaten. Separately, soda is added to the yogurt and stirred until the soda activates. Then the milk mixture is added to the eggs and beaten again. Finally, add the flour and salt. Mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

It is very important that any products you use are at room temperature. Most cooks use only eggs and yogurt to make the moussaka topping. But in this case, it does not become fluffy.

The thing that makes the moussaka topping fluffy is the baking soda. There are recipes in which the topping is also made with fresh milk. But it is best to use yogurt because it makes the moussaka topping thicker and it shows when you cut the moussaka.

It is also important to know when to pour it over the moussaka. Once the potatoes are baked (if you are making oven-baked moussaka) or when they are cooked (if you are making boiled moussaka), then the topping is poured. After it is placed, the moussaka is baked for no more than 15-20 minutes.

Now you know how to make the fluffiest topping for moussaka and you can try it today. Try beef moussaka, Greek moussaka and meatless moussaka.



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