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How is Buckwheat Milk Made?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How is Buckwheat Milk Made?

Buckwheat is extremely healthy. If you want to make milk from it, but do not know exactly how to do it, keep on reading and you will find out.

How to make buckwheat milk

The recipe for buckwheat milk is the following:

The products you will need are 500 g of Buckwheat, 700 ml of water and 1 pinch of salt, 2 pcs. pitted dates;

Preparation of buckwheat milk

- Two bowls are used and 100 ml of water is poured in each;

- Put the buckwheat in one bowl and the dates in the other, then leave them to soak overnight;

- After soaking overnight, remove the water from the buckwheat and rinse with clean water. Half the water of the dates is also removed;

- In a bowl, mix the washed buckwheat, dates, along with their water, add another 500 ml of water and a pinch of salt, then mix everything well for 1 minute;

- Everything in the bowl should be well soaked, if something is above the water, press it down with a spatula;

- Strain the mixture through a fine sieve or bag. You can also use a colander or cotton cloth. There should be a container under what you will strain the mixture into for the finished nut milk.

- Once you have buckwheat milk, you should bottle it and use it within 1 week.

Eat buckwheat porridge for breakfast regularly. Find out how to cook buckwheat.



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