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What is Weiss Beer?

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What is Weiss Beer?

A favorite of many, the weiss beer is a delight for any beer drinker. The name of this beer comes from the German language and means white beer. It is also known as Weizen beer.

Weiss beer is a traditional German ale type beer that is made on the basis of wheat malt, the content of which is from 5 to 9%. The fact that this beer is made throughout Germany does not prevent it from gaining the greatest recognition in the southern states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

Weiss beer is made from a mixture of wheat malt and barley malt, as well as hops and special yeast for fermentation. Its taste is very rich and intense with a fruity aroma.

This beer is cloudy in color, because it has not gone through fermentation, but there is also a light one.

- The Germans also brew wheat beer as well as dark wheat beer;

- This type of beer is cloudy, because it contains mechanical impurities. They are visible and invisible particles of barley or wheat, as well as pieces of hop leaves;

Types of Weiss beer

- Hefeweizen beer - This is a type of Weiss beer, which is an unfiltered light beer. It is mostly made in southern Germany and is most often drunk in the summer, but is generally made all year round;

- Kristalweizen - This is a type of Weiss beer that is a filtered, light wheat beer. The taste of this beer is very fresh and slightly bitter and it also has a pronounced grainy and fruity flavor with hints of banana, cloves and vanilla. Unlike the aforementioned beer, Kristallweizen is free of yeast particles and malt residues. It is crystal clear and transparent and that is why it is named that;

- Dunkelweizen Beer - This is a type of Weiss beer that is an unfiltered dark wheat beer that is made from dark malt, which has been roasted. Dunkel means dark in German and Weizen means wheat. The color can be light and copper or mahogany brown. This beer has a thick foam, that looks like foam. Its taste is very fresh, fruity, malty, with hints of bananas and cloves.

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