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How to Clean Beef and Pork Tongue?

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How to Clean Beef and Pork Tongue?

If you love pork and beef tongue but don't know exactly how to process and clean them before cooking them, then this advice is for you. We will tell you how to clean pork and beef tongue.

How to clean pork tongue

We'll start with the pork. Pork tongue turns out very tasty if cooked the right way. It contains quite a good amount of iron. That is why it is recommended for consumption by children and adults. How can we clean it?

First, the tongue should be washed very well with cold water, then it should be very carefully gone over with a brush on all sides. Then rinse it very well again with cold water. Place the tongue in a pot and cover it with enough cold water to completely cover it. Then add a tablespoon of salt. Then put a lid on and leave it to boil - boil it for 10 minutes. The water is then discarded and the tongue is washed very well, this time with warm water. Then it is boiled again, this time covered with hot water and by adding 1 tsp. of salt per 1 kg of tongue.

At the beginning we said that putting the pork tongue in cold water with a tablespoon of salt is done, because in this way the blood from the tongue comes out and it clots very quickly. The first water is discarded and the tongue is washed very well.

If the meat is a bit older, cooking the tongue takes between 1.5 and 3 hours. It is then pierced with a fork. If the fork goes in easily, the tongue is ready. It is then easily cleaned from the outer, paler skin. The tongue is stored in the water it was boiled in, until you need it.

How to clean beef tongue

Beef tongue takes a long time to cook - somewhere around 3 hours. It contains a good amount of minerals, including vitamins such as PP, zinc. It also contains iodine, potassium, phosphorus, iron, etc.

To make the beef tongue tender and tasty, it must be properly cleaned.

The beef tongue, which is in a raw state, must be cleaned well of any dirt, mucus or blood remaining on it. However, before it is cleaned, it is best to soak it for half an hour or an hour in cold water. This will make it easier for all the debris stuck to the tongue to fall off.

After it is removed from the water, it is placed in a paper towel to dry thoroughly. It is cleaned lightly and with very careful movements, by removing the unpleasant plaque and fat as well, if any. Before you cook it, it is washed again with cold water.

The next stage of cleaning the tongue is done after the tongue is already cooked. Put it in cold water, wait for it to boil, boil it for 15 minutes, remove it and then it is poured with boiling water, boil it and then wash it again.

With the cleaned tongue, you can prepare:

- tongue in butter;

- oven-baked tongue;

- pan-seared tongue;



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