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How to Clean and Roast Hazelnuts?

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Nuts also have their subtle points, but also various types of nuts require a different way of baking. Now we know these nuts are so delicious and have a specific taste, but are quite expensive when ready- made.

You can prepare them at home. It is not complicated and you can not mess up the recipe, so if you think it will be interesting, go right ahead.

Hazelnuts and other nuts also have a shell that must be broken. It is a matter of your choice how you squeeze the them - it depends what tool you have.


After removing all the nuts from their shells, you will notice that they have a thin brown skin. Usually, roasted hazelnuts are ready to be sold free from this membrane and are therefore entirely pale yellow.

Do not worry - this membrane will fall after you bake them and will even be removed very easily. In fact, even if you leave it on the nuts, that thin rind is not harmful in any way to you. Just offers a slightly bitter taste.

If you still want to remove their skin before roasting, blanch the nuts in boiling water to which you add 2-3 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda. You'll notice how the color of the water darkens heavily. Then simply rinse the hazelnuts in a colander under running water – the flake falls when only slightly rubbed.

caramelized hazelnuts

To roast hazelnuts, you need raw nuts and optional salt (might miss it). If you salt them, you need to moisten them slightly and add the salt, then stir.

Bake at about 160-180 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Every few minutes, check the nuts and mix them. Once you are ready, remove them from the oven and leave them rather cold.

If you do not want to add salt, just bake them. After they are done, put the nuts between two towels and rub them lightly.

If you want, you can cook them in the microwave oven. Pound hazelnuts is baked for 3 minutes and is essential to stir every minute.

Otherwise, just as with almonds, thrash the whites and roll them in it. This will become crispy. Know that nuts are quite gentle and get warm very quickly. Do not leave them unattended because if you burn them, they will become bitter.



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