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Canned Ajvar Recipes

Looking for canned ajvar recipes? Check out our 12 ideas for canned ajvar recipes on Bonapeti
Canned Green Beans RecipeCanned Green Beans RecipeChop the onion, garlic and carrots finely, and saute in a pot with a drizzle of olive oil. Once cooked add the green beans and paprika, and stir...
Distribute the ajvar in jars, try to get all the air out. Close and store them in a cool area....
Canned PorkCanned Pork
Cut the meat into medium-sized pieces, which are suitable for cooking. Season it with salt and leave it on a grill or on a sloping surface in the...
Serbian AjvarSerbian Ajvar
Roast the eggplants and peppers, peel them and grind through a meat grinder. Add mashed garlic, black pepper, oil, salt and then lemon juice to...
Canned BonitoCanned Bonito
Clean the fish, wash and cut them into slices. Prepare a brine of coarse salt, add in an egg, only a small part of it (about the size of a coin) needs...
Canned CarrotsCanned Carrots
Wash the carrots and onions. Slice the carrots and onions into thin sheets if needed. Blanch the carrots for about 3-5 minutes in salted, boiling...
Traditional AjvarTraditional Ajvar
Serve the homemade ajvar well chilled, spread on a slice or homemade bread with a slice of white cheese. Enjoy this traditional ajvar,...
Canned PeasCanned Peas
Cover them with lids and sterilize for 40 minutes, after which the canned peas are ready....
Canned Green OlivesCanned Green Olives
The fresh olives are cleaned and washed. Split them slightly with a knife and place them in a deep bowl, then cover them with boiling water. Leave...
Canned Vine LeavesCanned Vine Leaves
This type of preserve is usually made in the spring. Wash the leaves, dry them a bit and arrange them into 4 piles of 10 leaves. Roll them up...
Canned Cabbage SaladCanned Cabbage Salad
Boil vinegar, sugar, salt and oil in a pan on the stove. Crush the cabbage finely and cut the cleaned peppers into strips and carrots - into circles...
Canned Marinated ArtichokesCanned Marinated Artichokes
Oil can also be used, but it affects the taste of the canned food....


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