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Apple Juice Slows Aging

Monika IvanovaMonika Ivanova
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Besides being a healthy drink, apple juice is known for its toning and skin rejuvenating properties. There's no other fruit that contains so many vitamins, micronutrients and minerals. Each of them regenerates our body in some way - decreases cellulite, repairs damaged tissues, tightens skin and so on.

Here are several ideas for beauty masks that you can make at home quickly and with few products.

Rejuvenating Beauty Mask with an Apple

Bake 1 apple and mash it. Add 1 tsp honey to it and several drops of olive oil. Apply the mask to the face, leave it for 10 min. and then rinse.

Toning Beauty Mask with an Apple

Grate an apple and add 1 tsp honey, 1 tbsp oats and 2 tsp boiled water to it. Stir, apply to the face and neck. After 15 min., rinse with cool water.

Apple Juice

Beauty Mask with an Apple Against Acne

Mix 1 grated apple with 1 tbsp honey. Leave it on the face for 10 min. and then clean with antibacterial tonic.

Nourishing Beauty Mask with an Apple

This one is usable for all skin types. Soak a gauze in the juice of 1 grated apple and put it on your face. After 15 min. rinse off with water that you've boiled ahead of time. The result is refreshing and soft skin.

If you have apples in the fridge you just can't seem to get to and eat, make a quick mask out of them. This is just another way to utilize them, instead of waiting for the right time to eat them, which will most likely end with them spoiling and having to throw them out.