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The 5 Common Excuses we Use to Avoid Eating Healthy!

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Have you ever had the thought, even for a second, that you're not eating right and that you should do something to change this - and the next thing you know you have at least 5 reasons not to do it? Our brain is particularly creative in its ability to convince us that eating a chocolate bar isn't a big deal, even if it's unhealthy in that case.

Here are the most common excuses we use to avoid eating fruits and vegetables:

1. I don't need to lose weight - healthy food doesn't always have to do with weight loss. In fact, more so, it helps to improve the function of the majority of organs in our body. If you're limiting yourself in some way, you can use it as a diet as well, but in general, healthy food should be eaten for health reasons, not for aesthetic ones.

2. Healthy food is tasteless - no, you're not going to be eating grass. Make the effort to find recipes with fruits and vegetables and you'll be shocked at all the culinary masterpieces that can be made.

3. You only live once - you want to try everything because life is short. You're right to some degree but consider that if you set just small limits on yourself you might live even longer than you had expected.


4. I'm on a diet starting Monday - you always find yourself regretting that you're eating chips again and promise yourself that you'll start off clean next week. There's no need to wait for the beginning of the week. You can make changes right away.

5. Sugar fixes stress and irritation - a stressed woman's #1 enemy is chocolate. It's been proven that its calming effect lasts just 3 min., but the effects of sugar on the body last a lot longer.

Make the change today!