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The Unhealthiest Mistakes We All Make After Eating

Djemile CheshlievaDjemile Cheshlieva
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Everyone has a habit that they often unconsciously do after eating. But did you know how unhealthy these habits can be? Here are the worst and most common mistakes we make after eating a good meal:

1. Ranked in first place among the mistakes we make after eating is smoking a cigarette. According to studies, a cigarette lit right after a meal is the same as smoking 10 cigarettes throughout the day. It increases the risk of cancer several fold. So don't smoke right after you eat.


2. Second place goes to eating fruits. Even though they're healthy, the consumption of fruits immediately after eating leads to excess gas and bloated stomach. It also impedes digestion. Consumption of fruits is recommended 1-2 hours before or after a meal.

3. It's not advised to drink tea after eating. Tea makes it difficult to burn the proteins contained in the food because it contains high levels of acids.

4. Sleep immediately after a meal is another commonly made mistake. In this case, the stomach of a person cannot adequately process what they've consumed. Later on this may lead to intestinal inflammation and discomfort in the stomach.


5. If you wear a belt, loosening it right after you eat can lead to blocked intestines.

6. Most people think that taking a walk after a meal increases their life expectancy. But this is not at all true. Doing so prevents the digestive system from absorbing the nutrients from the eaten food.

7. Taking a shower after a meal redirects blood circulation to the hands and feet, decreasing the amount of blood around the stomach. This weakens the digestive system.