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Perfect Combinations for Salads you Can't Go Wrong With

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Salads are present at the kitchen table all the time. Regardless if we're having guests over or eating with the family, whether it's lunch or dinner, there's always a delicious salad on the table.

If you want to change up your usual salad or surprise your guests, you have to learn the perfect product combinations. Through them you'll shine with your culinary skills.

If you want to make a salad with the ever-more popular avocado, know that you'll get an excellent taste if you combine it with onions, bacon and walnuts. Serve it with a dressing of lemon juice, best if freshly squeezed.

For a shrimp salad, you can use an avocado again, this time adding slightly roasted bacon and fresh red onions.

For a salmon salad you're going to need blanched asparagus, cherry tomatoes and carrots. For a dressing you can use sesame oil with ginger.

Mozzarella is also something we see ever more often on the dining table and as we know is perfect when combined with tomatoes. To it we can also add olives and spicy salami.


Eggs go excellently with salmon, almonds and green onions. For a topping you can prepare a vinaigrette sauce using vegetable oil, lemon and herbs and spices.

Blue cheese is superb with salads with celery, apples and roasted walnuts.

Chicken is also superb with blue cheese, especially with some red onions and mushrooms added.

To a salad with turkey meat you can also add walnuts, mushrooms and dried cranberries.

You can mix up a tasty salad with tofu as well, adding green onions, asparagus and mushrooms. For a dressing you can use sesame oil with ginger again.

Feta cheese combines remarkably with grapes, onions and shrimp, braised lightly in butter.

A more nonstandard idea that's equally delicious is a salad with bacon, eggs, red onions and tomatoes.