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Perfect Food Combinations

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wine and cheese

There are certain food combinations that simply complement each other and have been popular for so long that they've turned into true classics, even if they are nothing that special in a culinary sense. See if you recognize your favorite among the perfect food combos, chosen by Foodpanda:

Burger and fries - this is definitely the most influential food pairing. Every time we see a burger, fries are the side that always comes to mind.

Normally when we order a burger at a fast food chain, a side of tasty French fries always come with it - these foods sound better together than separately.


Pancakes with liquid chocolate - they are inseparable. The combination of sweet and salty satisfies all senses. Freshly prepared pancakes are irresistible with a little liquid chocolate in them for an entire 80% of people.

Chocolate in combination with chili - it sounds unusual but these 2 products are excellent when combined. If you're the type of person that loves to experiment, there's no way you won't like it.

Pasta with mince - this pair is called the most social of all possible combinations. The reason is because this dish is the most photographed and shared in social media, say Foodpanda reps.


A glass of wine with a cheese platter - hands-down the most experienced of food combinations. As well, it is the most preferred - wine in combination with cheese can satisfy any culinary fancy.

Strawberries with cream - the pairing of the delicious red fruits and cream deserves the nickname "the most erotic food combo".

This is the easiest, tastiest and most classical way to pleasantly surprise your partner. After a similar culinary temptation, the person falls into a romantic mood.

Warm milk with biscuits - is there anyone who hasn't tried this snack as a kid? That's exactly why it's also the most "childish" of all food combinations.

The biscuits literally melt in the warm milk - this pairing turns out be a favorite not only for kids but for adults as well. It's easy, scrumptious and brings us back to those moments when we were happiest and carefree - childhood.