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Best Butter Substitutes

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Substitutes for Cow Butter

Synonymous with happy childhood days is the idea of the slice of homemade bread with butter - an aromatic and tasty and nutritious snack.

Grown children also do not enjoy a cheese or salmon sandwich without the butter spread on the bread.

Due to wanting to maintain a slim figure, or having poor health, or danger of disease as a result of being overweight, it is good to have an alternative to cow's butter, as well as one that can replace any animal fat.

When you decide, you can use the delicious peanut butter, as well as any made from different nuts and seeds. The so-called tahini is perfect for spreading on a slice of bread. In addition, they are very tasty and quite useful.


Many recipes for weight loss suggest replacing butter with the fleshy part of the avocado. It becomes quite tasty and high-calorie with cheese and vegetables, and so the sandwich does not disappoint in terms of taste. Separately, the avocado is very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, and the fleshy part of it is very similar to cow butter in terms of a tender consistency and greasiness.

Fruit puree

Applesauce instead of butter

Those who lead a strictly healthy lifestyle and diet have long replaced cow's butter with lean, but they put margarine in biscuits. At home margarine is absolutely interchangeable with butter. But it is the unhealthiest food of any cooking fat. Palm oil, trans fats, colorings, flavors, and preservatives are all harmful ingredients you will be consuming if you replace butter with margarine. Instead, fruit purees - apple, banana, apricot, plum puree will do the same job in fluffy sponge cake recipes.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil instead of cow butter

It is the ideal alternative to cow's butter, as well as to cream cheese. It contains only one ingredient and has no sodium or cholesterol in its composition.

Olive oil

There are already hardened vegetable oils with olive oil on the market - this is an exotic offering with less saturated fat than traditional oil. They are a vegetable spray from olive oil, producing half the greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of butter from cow's milk.

Ghee Oil

Ghee replaces cow butter

It is cow butter from which all the water and proteins have been removed. It contains a fatty acid that reduces inflammation and supports the digestive system. It is widely used in Indian cuisine.

Vegan butter

These offerings are usually plant-based. One of the suggestions is pureed lemon seed oil. Gluten-free, soy-free and plant-based. The consistency of lemon kernels is creamy and low in calories and fat.