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Foods That Fatten us Unnoticeably

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Many of us have fallen into the absurd situation of feeling constantly hungry, while at the same time packing on extra pounds. The reason for this is that in their hectic daily lives, people don't pay that much attention to what they're eating and this hides a number of risks.

Actually, we gain excess weight unnoticeably not so much due to eating large quantities of food but rather due to the extra sugar and hidden calories. Here's a short list of foods that fatten us unnoticeably:


The truth is you're not going to lose weight if you have cereals for breakfast because the standard serving of about 1/2 cup contains an entire 37 g of sugar, which is more than the recommended daily value.


Chocolate desserts, sweets

Yes, they'll satisfy your hunger quickly and easily but in just an hour you'll be hungry again. And let's not even get started about the calories in the form of pure carbohydrates which will immediately stick to our most problem areas.

Yoghurt, cottage cheese desserts

The next time you reach for a fruit-flavored yoghurt from the shelf, check its sugar content, written on the back. Should we make a bet that you'll be shocked?


We need to completely exclude sodas from our daily diet. They might seem like the perfect way to cool off in the heat but one 11 fl oz (330 ml) can contains roughly 7-8 tsp of sugar.

Liquid chocolate

Liquid Chocolate

Liquid chocolate is a mixture of sugar, palm oil, walnuts, cocoa, powdered dry milk, lecithin, vanilla and whey milk powder. In other words, besides being bad for you it's highly caloric because 70% of its contents are in fact fats. 2 tsp of chocolate contain 200 calories and an entire 21 g sugar.

Chocolate candies and bonbons

These sweet temptations are located right by the cashier's counter and many of us make the mistake of throwing a bag or 2 in our shopping cart at the last moment. The next time you reach for them, remember that 2/5 cup (100 g) of chocolate candies contain about 470 calories.

Instant coffee with sugar

A standard instant coffee packet weighs about 20 g, of which 10 g are pure sugar. A cup of this type of coffee will burden our metabolism with an additional 70 calories.

To the list of foods we fatten up imperceptibly from we can also add ketchup, with its high sugar content, as well as cartons of juice.

Let's also not forget energy drinks, which besides caloric can lead to increased blood pressure and other health problems.