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Foods to Eat and Avoid During Kidney Failure

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For the majority of diseases, patients are put on specialized diets, to be followed either for a certain period of time or their entire life. What is the right course of action regarding the food diet of people who have kidney problems or are suffering kidney failure?

Unfortunately, these types of problems are affecting ever more people, while it's also fact that the kidneys are among the most important organs in the body. They are crucial for metabolism, regulating blood pressure, salts and water exchange, hormone levels, body temperature and also carry out a wide range of other vital functions. That's why it's key to know what a person should eat if they suffer from kidney failure:

1. During a kidney failure, patients are hospitalized until the failure passes. Sometimes this means a longer stay at the medical facility. During that period, the patient's diet is very strict, although this continues only for the duration of the kidney failure. Herbal teas, fruit and vegetable juices are generally allowed.

2. Once the kidney failure passes, the patient is not allowed to eat any foods containing excessive amounts of salt. Even foods that are allowed for consumption are prepared without any salt. Unfortunately, this means that even your favorite dishes will be quite tasteless, but you'll spare yourself kidney pain and help yourself in improving your quality of life.

3. People suffering from kidney problems are allowed to eat almost all vegetables (excluding leafy ones) and fruits. Consumption of milk and dairy products is also allowed. Be careful with butter and egg yolks.


4. Never eat fatty meats and fatty fish, innards, meat broths and broths from fatty fish, canned meats, sausages, sujuk, jerky and any other meat delicacies that contain high amounts of salt.

5. Rabbit, chicken, turkey and low fat fish are the only meat products allowed. Remove all visible fatty parts.

6. Never drink alcohol during a kidney failure, once it passes you can only have it in moderate amounts.

7. Limit the consumption of cocoa, treats, sweetened syrups, jellies and other sweets.