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Cognac for Good Mood and Against Cold

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Since its creation, cognac was considered a healing elixir. Its healing properties were described in ancient books using recipes. There it was defined as an elixir of health.

Healing Properties of Cognac

- exceptionally good against colds;

- beneficial for people with hypertension and angina;

- effective for decreasing stress and nervous tension;

- cognac improves appetite;

- treats strong headache;

- it is good for muscle and tendon trauma;

- an often used treatment for rheumatism as well;

- can be used for insomnia and others.

Tea with Cognac

The beneficial properties are due to the active alcohol and natural oils. Aging the drink in oak barrels helps highlight these healthy properties and boost its qualities. Consumption of it has a vasodilatory effect and helps increase blood flow in the body.

With cognac consumption, the absorption of vitamin C is improved and the excessive sweating aids in easier recovery from colds and different infections.

Useful Ideas for Cognac Treatments

One of the most popular recipes is to add 3 1/3 tbsp (50 g) cognac to our warm herbal tea, along with 1 spoon of honey. This will help clear the upper airways and significantly increase the concentration of vitamin C in our body.

Mix a little cognac with 1 tbsp honey and your sore throat pains will subside. You can use it for severe cough and cold.

For severe cold, mix 1 tsp powdered ginger in 3 1/3 tbsp (50 ml) cognac. Leave it for about an hour and then drink. It works flawlessly.

If you feel that you're getting sick or you start shivering, immediately heat up about 1/5 cup (60 g) of cognac with a little lemon juice and a spoon of honey. You'll feel much better.

If you have trouble sleeping, you can drink 1 1/3 tbsp (20 g) pure cognac before bed.

Never forget that cognac is an alcohol and should be consumed responsibly. Even if it is very healthy, in high quantities you may end up with the opposite effect. Be careful and responsible.