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Gum Does Lead to Weight Loss

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Sugarless gum does actually lead to weight loss, shows a study done by researchers at the University of Rhode Island.

The experts had set a goal to find out how gum affects human weight and whether it influences the daily intake of calories.

The scientists came to the conclusion that sugar-free gum not only helped reduce the intake of calories but also increased energy use.

The team put 2 groups of volunteers to the test - ones that chewed gum and ones that didn't.

The first group chewed gum every morning for 1 hour. The scientists concluded that those persons consumed 67 fewer calories at lunch. They were also not as hungry after chewing gum, were filled with energy and used up greater amounts of it.


How exactly does gum help weight loss?

According to the researchers, gum chewing stimulates the nerves and muscles of the jaw, which in turn send signals to that part of the brain that deals with appetite and the feeling of satiety.

The authors of the study also believe that chewing gum 15 min. a day can burn over 50 cal.

According to other studies, chewing gum decreases stress and improves concentration.