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Sea bream is a fish with white, soft and slightly dry meat. This is a typical Mediterranean fish. Inhabits areas covered with sea grass and sandy bottoms up to 100 ft (30 meters). It feeds on small invertebrate animals.

The body of sea bream is high, oval and flattened laterally. Reaches a length of 26" (70 cm) and weighs up to 35 lb (16 kg), but such instances are rare. The eyes are small and its belly is almost flat.

The colour of the sea bream is a silver-grey. The main quantities of this fish come from the Aegean coast.

Only a couple of decades ago the price of sea bream was very expensive because of limited catches and marketing. In the late 80s of last century, was developed technology for the cultivation of sea bream in specialized farms, which together with the increase of the catch have brought down the prices.

Bream recipes

Composition of sea bream

100 g fresh sea bream contains 105 Kcal, 19 g proteins, 0.6 g of omega-3 fatty acid, 3g of fat, and 1 gram of saturated fat, 52 mg of cholesterol.

Selecting and storing bream

Commercially available bream mainly weighs 14 oz (400 g), found frozen or smoked. Fresh sea bream should be bright and have shiny skin, bright red gills and scales. The eyes of the fish should be opaque and clear - a rule that applies to all kinds of fish.

Recommended cooking for bream should be performed immediately after the purchase of fresh fish.

Cooking bream

The meat of sea bream is white, firm and juicy, allowing cooking in a variety of ways. The combination of sea bream with olive oil is an essential classic, but poaching preserves the freshness of freshly caught sea bream. A very successful way to prepare sea bream is to bake it in a crust of sea salt.

The fishy smell of sea bream is not too strong, which allows the use of various spices. Overriding traditionally comes from pepper and lemon, but bay leaf, fresh rosemary and sumac can be used.

Bream fish

The Greeks bake fish on a grill, cover it with lemon juice, olive oil, thyme or oregano. Spaniards themselves prefer bream combined with chillies and garlic.

Bream can be stifling steamed, baked in the oven in foil or marinated with parchment. Before you bake a whole one, it may be furrowed on both sides to ensure even baking. You can roast sea bream on a grill, but be careful not to make a mistake, and thus dry the fish. In this respect, sea bream is very delicate fish meat because it is dry, in principle.

Before cooking, bream must be cleaned of entrails and thoroughly washed.

We will present a very interesting recipe for sea bream with herbs on salt.

Bream with spices

Ingredients: 2 sea breams, 1 tomato, 1 stalk celery, 2 carrots, 1 tomato, pepper, lemon juice, a handful of sea salt.

Preparation: The pan in which you will bake the fish is spread out across with foil for baking. Pour sea salt on it and clean and dry the fish. Make a few cuts on the surface of the fish in each section and half a slice of tomato is placed in it. Sprinkle with pepper and lovage. The carrots are cut and spread on top. Add fine chopped celery. Finally, top the fish with lemon juice and olive oil and roast it in a very hot oven.

Benefits of sea bream

Besides being delicious, sea bream is a useful fish. It is rich in iron, and essential vitamins. It is suitable for people on diets and small children in need of quality protein. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are contained in sea bream are extremely healthy fats that protect the body from a wide range of health problems.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for human body. Eating fish at least once a week provides the body with essential vitamins and substances that are valuable for good health.


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