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Techniques for Cutting Cake Layers

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Cutting cake layers

Often, hosts have difficulties cutting the baked cake. Usually they try to cut it with a knife, but in most cases it is crushed or falls apart.

Dividing the cake layer horizontally allows for a juicer and taller cake and for the placement of cream between the layers. Once the layers are stuck together with cream, they are coated on top and sides with yet more cream.

One of the easiest ways of cutting the layer down the middle, is to carefully make an incision with a knife, going all the way around it. Then, using a thick thread, that you hold in both hands, move back and forth, gently cutting the layer.

baked cake layer

The cake layer can be easily cut only after it has cooled down completely - if more than an hour and half has passed after removal from the oven. To cool the layer more quickly, place it on a wire rack.

To maintain a fluffy cake layer and so it can easily be cut after it cools, it is left in the oven for about ten minutes with the door half-open. Then remove it and cover it with a lid for another ten minutes.

You can also try to cut the cake layer by just using a knife. However, you will need a helper to turn it, or a special cake turntable.

Cake with ready made cake layers

The cake should be rotated very carefully and slowly while cutting it with the knife carefully. The movements of the knife should be from the edge of the layer toward its center.

There are also special tools sold for cutting cake layers, which look like tiny saws. With their aid, it is very easy to cut a cake layer in half.

The tried and tested way of cutting a layer is to use a twisted thread. Calculate the height at which you have to cut the layer.

The thread encircles the whole cake at that height. The two ends of the thread are then crossed and pulled tight until the cake layer is cut. However, the danger with this method is that the upper part may be crushed.