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Cake for Vegetarian

Looking for cake for vegetarian? Check out our 12 ideas for cake for vegetarian on Bonapeti
Vegetarian CakeVegetarian CakePut it to bake at {180 °C} for about 15-20 minutes. After the first 15 minutes, open the oven and check for readiness with a stick....
Manti for VegetariansManti for Vegetarians
Dough: Knead a medium hard dough from the flour, eggs, water and salt, knead well. Roll it out into a thin crust, cut it into small squares. Stuffing...
Cake for GuestsCake for Guests
In an oiled and floured cake form, first pour in the white mixture, then the cocoa one on top and use a wooden skewer to make spiral movements for...
Cake for DiabeticsCake for Diabetics
Put the cake for diabetics to bake in moderately heated oven – the top of it has to crack at the end....
Vegetarian Sauces for Vegetable DishesVegetarian Sauces for Vegetable Dishes
Next sauce is suitable for vegetarian patties....
Techniques for Cutting Cake LayersTechniques for Cutting Cake Layers
Often, hosts have difficulties cutting the baked cake. Usually they try to cut it with a knife, but in most cases it is crushed or falls apart....
Original Cake for AfficionadosOriginal Cake for Afficionados
Before serving, leave for 2-3 hours to cool in the fridge....
Easy Cake for DiabeticsEasy Cake for Diabetics
Add the flour and oats, as well as the other ingredients for the cake....
Cake for a ManCake for a Man
Stick the syrupy layers together with cream and put the cake for a few hours in the refrigerator....
Quick Cake for CoffeeQuick Cake for Coffee
Leave the cake in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours. To decorate it, sprinkle with coconut, chocolate and some nuts. Serve with coffee....
Salty Cake for GuestsSalty Cake for Guests
Source: Credit for this salty cake idea belongs to Yoli....
Cake for your BelovedCake for your Beloved
Once the cake is cooled, decorate with the melted chocolate. Decorate as desired....


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