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The benefits of sheep’s milk

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Sheep Milk

Sheep milk is very tasty and nutritious. It has a rich and intense, delicate and slightly sweet taste. The density of this milk is higher than that of cow's and goat's milk. It has the important vitamins of group B.

Cheese from sheep's milk is often preferred even by people who do not like cheese, because they do not like the taste of cheese from cow milk.

Warm sheep's milk before bedtime gives you calmer sleep. It is recommended for children and people of advanced age, especially those who have problems with frequent urination at night.

Sheep’s milk is recommended for asthma, eczema and skin problems. It contains high levels of calcium and zinc, it is good for the health of the body.

Sheep’s milk is very popular in Central Asia, Italy, Greece and the Middle East. In these countries, many people prefer dairy products from sheep's milk to such from cow's milk.

Sheep’s milk is well absorbed. It has a specific flavor, which makes it not very suitable for consumption immediately after milking.

Sheep Cheese

Sheep’s milk contains a lot of vitamin A. It is good for children, especially during their growth. It is also helpful for pregnant women. Sheep's milk is the perfect antioxidant and helps in the synthesis of cholesterol and amino acids.

Regular consumption of sheep’s milk promotes better working brain cells and increases the saturation of the body with oxygen. Compared to cow's milk, it has more fat and protein.

The ratio of calcium and phosphorus in sheep’s milk is almost perfect, and this is important because proper absorption of calcium, phosphorus is needed.

Sheep's milk contains casein, which is important for the nutrition of people with an allergy to casein from cow or goat milk. Sheep’s milk is recommended for people with skin problems that can be caused by an allergy to casein from cow's or goat's milk.