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How to Make Rice Porridge and Its Health Benefits

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Rice porridge is a beneficial, healthy dish. It is good for small children and adults. There are many recipes for making rice porridge but milk or water are always used. Rice porridge, cooked without sweeteners and without additives, is recommended for gastrointestinal disorders.

Rice porridge saturates the body with the nutrients and minerals that are contained in the rice. It normalizes bowel function.

Rice porridge is nutritional, but dietetic at the same time. It is appropriate for diets. Recipes for rice porridge exist in the culinary traditions of many nations.

cream dessert

In India, rice porridge is made with sweeteners and served for dessert, and in China, it is prepared with salt and seafood products.

Classic rice porridge is made with milk and sugar. Honey, vanilla, dried fruits, pumpkin, walnuts, condensed milk can also be added. Traditionally, rice porridge is sprinkled with cinnamon.

This porridge is a favorite of many children. Ingredients required for cooking rice porridge: 2 cups rice, 1 2/3 cups milk. Wash the rice well and bring it to simmer for half an hour in water. When the rice is tender, boil the milk and add it to the rice.

Then, the rice porridge is sweetened to taste with sugar, add vanilla and optionally - dried fruits and cinnamon. Cook on low heat for another twenty minutes, stirring constantly to prevent burning.

Any extras for it are added with the milk, to embed their aroma and flavor in the porridge. You can add finely sliced pumpkin to the porridge.

Once removed from the heat, wrap it with a blanket or thick towel to brew. This makes it even more delicious. Before serving, add a little melted butter.