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How to Make Rice Flour

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Rice flour is a very valuable product for people who suffer from problems of the digestive system, constipation or diarrhea, and bloating.

The absence of gluten - the protein contained in wheat - makes rice flour one of the most valuable products for preparing food for children.

Rice flour can be used for making bakery goods, soups, porridge and desserts. Cereals for babies can be made with rice flour at home instead of buying ready-made ones.

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To make rice flour at home, you will need a blender with an attachment for grinding. It is often used to convert crystal sugar into powdered sugar.

You can also use a coffee grinder, but it will take too long to bring the rice to the consistency of fine flour.

Grind the rice in small portions until they become a fine powder - rice flour. To obtain a high-quality rice flour, use polished rice. It contains no gluten and is mainly composed of starch. The finer the rice flour, the higher its quality.

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You can use rice flour to thicken a sauce or roux - it is absorbed more easily than wheat flour.

Baking goods made from rice flour, have a crispy crust and are much lighter than those made from wheat flour. In Asian cuisine, rice flour is used in the preparation of desserts and the creation of delicious creams.

Bread made from rice flour, has a delicious crispy crust, which is very brittle. Rice flour takes in a lot of moisture, so you can add more eggs to the dough, but also water, so as not to have the finished pastry be too dry.

Rice flour cannot be combined with yeast, as it contains no gluten. Bakery goods made from rice flour bake at a lower temperature and for a longer period than those made of wheat flour.