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Hemp Seeds

Hemp (Cannabis), is one of the oldest known plants on earth, and one of the earliest cultivated plants by man. Although proven with countless applications in virtually all aspects of manufacturing, today hemp is grown mainly for extraction of fibers that are extremely durable and resistant to moisture.

The hemp plant belongs to the angiosperm family. It has a high growth rate and fat seeds. Cannabis is a diploid plant that, in general, means that there are male and female plants. Male flowers are gathered in panicle located in the axils of the upper leaves, while females have two in the axils of bracts forming class- based clusters. Cannabis blooms from July to August.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp is a very adaptable plant, it grows in abundance and on top of that, revitalizes the soil – making it saturated with oxygen and ultimately makes it more fertile. There is evidence that plants planted in fields which the previous year had been enriched with hemp grow much better.

There are many varieties of hemp, some of which are grown for production of marijuana. The word marijuana comes from a Mexican slang for hemp. Hemp for extraction of cannabinoids is a crime punishable by law.

Traditionally hemp varieties with high psycho activity are grown in equatorial countries like Jamaica, Mexico, Colombia, and generally in Central America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Different hemp varieties differ in the size, shape of the whole plant, shape of leaves, ripening period, yields, etc. For example, those of Cannabis Indica varieties are short and broad, branched, with large leaves, ripening earlier and high-yield types like Cannabis Sativa have the exact opposite characteristics and are similar to the textile varieties.

The most common distinction is the quantity contained in these cannabinoids. Their amount varies according to the variety and growing conditions. In terms of individual cannabinoids, the varieties can be divided into five main types according to criteria of the proportion of THC or CBD - two major cannabinoids.

In some places wild/self-sown hemp can be found growing, it is known as Eupatorium cannabinum. The height of its stems reaches 50 to 150 cm and is similar to cannabis leaves. It has healing properties that were known to the Indians.

History of Hemp

As mentioned above, hemp is one of the first plants cultivated by man. This happened during the Neolithic age in contemporary Asia, that automatically puts him among the oldest crops on our planet. With the development of humanity and migration, hemp also migrated and spread.

Our ancestors knew very well all the benefits and options for the use of cannabis. Hemp was widely used for clothing and sturdy ropes. It is clear that where cannabis grew, there were barely any underground pests such as mole rats, mole crickets and others.


Composition of Hemp

It is estimated that hemp is a plant that can save the earth from ecological disaster, because it can produce ecological equivalent for diesel, cheaper and quality paper, etc. Hemp seeds contain 30-38% fatty oil. They consist primarily of the glycerides of unsaturated acids (linoleic, linolenic and oil).

The composition of hemp also has proteins, amino acids, alcohol, phenolic compounds (cannabinol, cannabidiol) and alkaloid trigonelline (C7H702N). Includes vitamin C , lecithin , cholesterol, sugars, choline, phytic acid and many essential oils , bitter and tannic substances, saponins, etc. eupatorin. Cannabis contains substance Tetra Hidro Cannabinol, which is a hallucinogen and because of that cannabis is banned in most countries.

Use and applications of hemp

Sometime around the beginning of last century, hemp was called the 'Plant for billions of dollars”. Wondering why? Its application in various spheres of life is so great that it seems unreal. This edition of Popular Mechanics February 1938 states: "For the first time a technical plant has business potential to exceed a billion dollars."

The facts speak for themselves:

1. From hemp fibers the highest quality and cheapest paper is produced, very simple and less expensive technology than paper from wood. If paper starts to be produced from hemp, it means an end to deforestation;

2. The cleanest diesel is precisely from hemp oil. This is due to its high content of fiber and is also suitable for making paper from hemp oil, ideal for the production of ethanol. Ethanol itself is the cleanest burning liquid, an organic alternative to gasoline. Ford's first car was produced almost entirely based on hemp - engine, fuel, body. Henry Ford himself had hemp fields on which there was an all ecological production cycle;

3. From hemp oil can be produced plastics, which unlike oil- based ones are completely clean and do not pollute. Hemp oil naturally decomposes and turn into humus;

4. There are conflicting reviews on parabens, which are used in the cosmetics industry and for which there is data that skin creams, lotions, etc. can be made, it is worth noting that the hemp oil is completely harmless and a very useful raw material for the cosmetics industry;

5. Hemp can find great applications in the pharmaceutical industry. There is evidence that substances in it help fight cancer. Once the American Medical Association supported the drug cannabis;

6. Hemp fiber is the strongest fiber in the technical textile industry. For many centuries, clothes and even ropes were manufactured from hemp fiber.

These and numerous other proven applications of hemp help us come to the conclusion that hemp is actually saving the earth from ecological disaster. From its fibers, you can make furniture, various building blocks and more.

Before the 20th century America had tough legislation that regulated the growing of hemp. Moreover, the law provides for hefty fines for those who do not grow hemp. Because it useful, efficient and totally clean, the plant can affect a large number of industries that will have a clean, quick profit.

However, sometime in the 20's and 30's of last century oil moguls deliberately and gradually started a massive campaign costing huge amounts of money. Propaganda against the harmful plant extends into film, books and speeches of famous personalities, etc. Humans were gradually instilled with a fear of this "terrible scourge" of humanity that causes disease, decay, destruction and more.

To this day, hemp remains notorious and finds vindication, although today, it continues to produce healthy fiber insulation, cakes, etc. Because of cannabinoids hemp is seen as a basic drug, but there is no evidence of anyone who died as a direct result of smoking marijuana. Tobacco smoking each year takes millions of lives.

Benefits of Hemp

Cannabis belongs to the list of weak drugs. There are countries where its use is permitted and those that allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana. It has been shown that hemp leaves have anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. This is due to mucous substances cannabiola and others.

Hemp is revered even by some folk medicine, recommending that hemp seed is used for coughs, difficulty urinating, pus and urinary tract catarrhs, dropsy, inflammation of the prostate and difficulty breathing in. Nutrients in cannabis help for inflammation of the genitourinary system. Upper parts of the hemp are used as a sedative and are soporific.

A decoction of the seeds of hemp works well on the airways. It can be used against tonsillitis, fever , coughs, inflammation of the bladder, urinary issues and even against constipation . For this purpose, boil '15 hemp seeds in 250 ml of water for 10-15 minutes

Water in the form of hemp tea helps as against flu , liver and kidney pain and inflammation. This decoction is effective against constipation, sore throat and heart. This water has an antibiotic action and Americans are well aware of its benefits. It is celebrated as a cure for the liver .

Today, there is no denying the medical benefits of hemp, but that does not use 100% of the potential of the plant. From the defatted seeds of hemp, the feitin substance is obtained which is used as a stimulant. It has the ability to increase the growth of bone tissue and improves the function of the nervous system. Apply it for neuroses, neurasthenia, hysteria, hypotension, anemia, impotence , etc..

We note also that hemp oil can serve as a useful food, it gives our body a lot of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It is extremely useful for grooming - for skin and hair.

External application

You can boil and chop hemp seeds. They are extremely useful for bruises, boils, swelling, inflammation of the breasts while breastfeeding and sore throats.

Internal administration

Boil one teaspoon of hemp seeds in 500 ml of boiling water and brew for 1 hour. Take 100 ml of the potion before meals, 4 times a day.

Dangers of hemp

When you overdose on hemp water, it can cause vomiting. Marijuana, which is generally the dried and processed in some cases female inflorescences of certain hemp tends to cause mild hallucinations that appeal to an immense number of people around the world. There is no evidence that smoking marijuana damages the liver or kidneys. Cannabinoids are excreted through the urine. At high doses, marijuana can provide stronger hallucinations, which are usually more auditory than visual.


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