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Which Foods are Acidic?

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Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Acidic Foods

The food we eat every day has a direct impact on our health. Food products are divided into acidic and alkaline foods. This does not mean that every acidic product is an acidic food. For example, lemon is an alkaline food, even though it tastes sour.

Causes of increased acidity in the body

Increased acidity in the body is mostly caused by acidic foods and products that we consume. It has been proven that cancer is a consequence of increased acidity in the body. The frequent use of coffee, alcohol, meat and sausages, as well as some fruit, increase it. On the other hand, vegetables and the rest of the fruits, which are alkaline, take care of the balance.

Our body reacts when we overeat these foods by looking for a way to neutralize their acidity. That's why he needs alkaline foods and water. For its normal functioning, our body needs 90 different nutrients.

The balance of alkaline and acidic foods is extremely important for our body. It is composed mostly of water. Such a medium can have acidic or alkaline properties, measured on a scale called pH. If the values are below 7.0 – the environment is acidic.

Milk Chocolate

The pH levels in every cell of our organism are the result of all life processes, which are practically ion exchange and crucial for our health. Unbalanced pH values mean that for a long time the pH levels have become too acidic (acidosis). Such an imbalance leads to serious health problems.

List of Acidic Foods

Acidic foods are kidney beans, compotes, canned fruit, white rice, white bread, spaghetti, pasta, fish, chicken, turkey, lamb, eggs, white cheese, cashews, sodas, wine, milk chocolate, brown sugar, ketchup, soy sauce, jam, mayonnaise, mustard.

Among highly acidic foods pickled vegetables, pickles, table salt with added iodine, biscuits, pastries, pork, beef, shrimp, canned fish, Parmesan cheese, delicate cheeses, black tea, coffee, liquor, sugar syrups, beer, walnuts, peanuts, artificial sweeteners and vinegar find a place.

Experts advise not to try to stop consuming these products. The point is to find an adequate way to neutralize them by limiting their quantity and consuming alkaline foods and water for balance. Taking ionic calcium as a dietary supplement also helps.