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How to Lose Face Fat?

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Nadia Galinova
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An overly full face can be unpleasant. Some people will want to remove chubby cheeks and correct a chubby face. This task is not simple as it is very difficult to get rid of fat in just one place, usually overall weight loss is needed.

But it is doable: there are several techniques and exercises that allow you to correct the shape of the face.

The most effective tips for losing face fat

First of all, set yourself up for long-term weight loss - there is no sudden weight loss exclusively in the face - basically the person loses weight suddenly with an overall sudden weight loss. Many people know that weight loss starts with the face, so every diet includes face fat weight loss.

Although there is a group of people who lose weight starting from the lower part of the body, it is the most difficult for them to fix the shape of their face. Therefore, in order to make the facial features more refined and lose face fat, it is necessary to use a special nutrition system (let's call it a "face diet") and a skin care complex for the face, neck and neckline.

Learn the correct way to take care of your skin daily and then the result will be noticeable after a few weeks. Also, in addition to losing weight and the face looking more elegant, you will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and skin defects. Ultimately, these processes occur due to dehydration and disruption of trophism (supply of oxygen and nutrients) to the skin.

For face fat weight loss to be effective, you must follow several principles:

- straighten your shoulders and back, due to slouching, blood circulation in the collar area is disturbed and facial swelling appears;

- remove the pillow from the bed, replacing it with a low thin pillow or with an orthopedic form under the neck area;

- follow regular physical activity for the whole body and for the face;

- follow a special diet;

- take care of your face with the help of cosmetics and massages.

Diet for a slim face

how to lose face fat

This is a nutritional system for losing weight and removing excess fluid from the upper body. As in any balanced nutritional system with a weight loss diet, the most correct diet will be fractional eating in small portions, from which there are three separate main meals and three snacks in between, the last meal should be no later than four hours before bedtime.

Sugar and salt should disappear from your diet - these substances retain excess fluid in the body and make the face swell. Fatty broths and meat, lard, sweet foods and cakes, carbonated drinks should be eliminated from the diet. It is worth giving up strong coffee and tea - they add extra calories and fluid retention in the tissues.

In the diet, half or more of the products should be vegetables and fruit. They can be used both fresh: in salads, whole or in desserts and prepared in dishes - baked goods, stews, pates, etc.

Cook in vegetable oil, generously add vegetables and do not abuse black pepper and salt. Thanks to fiber, the intestines are cleaned, the calorie content of meals is reduced without losing satiety, which means that the weight will gradually decrease.

It is important to completely cut out any alcoholic beverages, especially wine and beer. In addition to their high calorie content, they cause swelling of the face in combination with toxicosis. They spoil the complexion and condition of the skin.

Water for losing face fat

face fat

To maintain skin tone and hydration, you need to drink a lot. A mature person needs about two liters of liquid per day and on hot days even more. However, drinking coffee or black tea will not replace drinking pure water. But a tea decoction excellent toning of the skin of the face and a coffee scrub allows you to get rid of dead epithelium.

During facial fat weight loss you should drink pure spring or slightly mineral water, sometimes you can drink herbal or green tea - this helps reduce appetite.

Face masks and massages

It is necessary to affect the face complexly - from the inside and the outside. Facial massage with a decoction of herbs or a solution of sea salt has an excellent effect. It is performed with a cloth soaked in an infusion or solution, with tapping - quite intense, but painless, at intervals of a few seconds. This will improve blood circulation and tone the facial muscles. It is beneficial to do such a massage every morning, then the result will become quite noticeable.

Food masks are very beneficial for skin tone and these can be both purchased products and those that you can make yourself - from oatmeal, from juice and pulp of cucumbers, from strawberries, raspberries. When using the mask, it is better to consult a beautician in advance and choose masks according to the skin type.

Rational exercises for face fat weight loss


The face as the whole body, must be exercised in order to lose weight, then excess fat will disappear faster. Combine body exercises with specific face exercises. Swimming is great for losing weight. It strengthens and softens the cervical vertebrae and relieves swelling of the face due to normalization of blood circulation. A patting massage with the tips of the fingers in the direction from the edges of the face to the nose is also very good for the face when applying a nourishing cream.

In addition, you can do a series of exercises in the evening or in the afternoon in front of the mirror:

- sing vowels, straining the muscles of the mouth;

- try to reach your nose with your lower lip, by lifting your chin;

- open your mouth wide and try to lick your lips with your tongue;

- try to curl your lower lip without the help of your hands;

- alternately retract and inflate the cheeks on each side or on both sides at the same time;

- try to lower and raise the corners of the mouth as much as possible;

- move the lower jaw left and right to the maximum;

- open your mouth as wide as possible, as if screaming, count to 5, then relax;

- stretch your lips like a trunk as far as possible.

Massage your face after exercise. Gently press your fingertips to your face in the forehead area and move down to the temples and cheeks. Then press with your fingertips on the side of your nose and move them towards your cheeks and down. Then press your fingers to the side of the jaw and move down the jawline. You can also go to a professional massage therapist or use a jade roller to massage your face.

And remember that the fullness of the face is successfully disguised by properly selected hairstyles and hats, well-applied makeup and a radiant smile.

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