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How is Wine Stored?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Storing red wine

If you're reading this article, you probably own at least a few bottles of expensive, quality, aging wines. Or more likely - you are just a lover of the alcoholic drink and do not know exactly how to store it when it has already been bought, so that it does not lose its taste.

The truth is, there is nothing special about storing wine at home. In such a situation, the drink is usually for quick consumption and is not intended to age.

Another thing to emphasize on - not every wine is meant to stay in the cellar for years. These are usually specific varieties, which are also quite expensive. With such experiments with any wine, you risk complete failure.

But how is wine stored?

The rule - in a cool and dark place. Before opening the bottle, it is not recommended to leave it in the refrigerator. Remember the rule white wine and rosé are served chilled - at temperatures between 6 and 8°C and red - at room temperature, or between 16 and 19°C.

Another tip you can follow - the lighter the wine, the lower the temperature it requires. This applies to all varieties. You can remember it by seasons - in the summer we drink cold, fresh and fruity wine and in the winter - thick, heavy and warming drinks.

Storing bottles of wine

Have you ever wondered why a wine bottle is dark?

The reason is simple and gives guidance on storage. The bottle is dark, so that direct sunrays cannot reach the bottle. Otherwise, the color of the drink will seriously change. But that's not the worst thing - the taste qualities of the wine will also seriously suffer.

A problem that every wine lover has faced - when you try to open it, half of the cork remains in the cap. The solution, according to experts - the drink in the bottle must always touch the cork. Another reason for such positioning - otherwise oxygen can penetrate into the bottle, which will seriously impair the taste qualities of the elixir.

Another case study - how to store wine after opening it? Unless we're in company, we'll hardly drink a bottle of wine at once by ourselves. How to save the rest? The drink will remain with unchanged taste qualities in the next few days.

For non-sparkling wine, they are around and less than 5 days, and for sparkling wine - less than 2 days. It also depends on the temperature at which we store the opened bottle - when it is at room temperature, the days automatically decrease.

The refrigerator maintains its quality slightly long, but in any case - no more than a week and this applies mainly to red wines.

The good news - although not as fresh, old wine can't harm us. And if you often have open bottles lying around - why not invite your friends to drink the alcoholic elixir with?

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