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Red Wine is Ideal with Mushrooms

Nina NordNina Nord
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The old rule, red wine is served with meat and white - with fish, is valid to this day, but the world of combinations of products and wine has become much more diverse.

Instead of wondering how to combine meals with wine when guests who understand the intricacies of the beverage arrive, you should follow some basic principles. The first is that the wine is a part of a meal.


When wondering how to combine certain products use your imagination and your own flair. The second principle is to take into consideration the fact that the human tongue detects sweet, salty, sour, bitter.

white wine

The wine will encounter sweet, bitter and sour and almost never - salty. Hence, the conclusion that desserts would suit a sweet wine, but must also take into account the intensity of flavor.

The finest Pinot will pale if you serve it with a heavy chocolate cake. With greasy and heavy bars, you will fault the heavy aromas.

Be careful with acidic flavors - if serving sour wine with salad, which has a lemon, your guests will experience hell.

To combine wine with, you food should be aware that the acidity helps the body digest dishes with lots of fat and sauces easier, and sugar seals taste.

The tannins in red wine are perfect for food that contains protein - meat, beans and mushrooms. If you plan to serve more than one type of wine, you have to alternate from milder to stronger.

First serve white wine, then rose, then red, then sweet and finally- hard alcohol.