Carnaroli Rice

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Risotto with Carnaroli rice

One of the oldest grainy foods known to man is rice. This food product is very popular in all countries of the world and the recipes with rice are countless.

There are different types and thousands of varieties of rice. Non-experts find it difficult to navigate the variety and do not always manage to choose the most suitable for the intended dish.

There are different classifications, in order to help them, according to which the crop is divided by color, size and shape of the grain - according to the processing of the grain.

The variety allows you to choose rice for dessert, another for baking or for making sushi. In some varieties, the grains stick together and give a certain shape to the dish. In others, the texture is creamy and that way the rice absorbs the aromas and flavors of the other ingredients of the dish. Certain characteristics of the rice variety are also sought for salads and side dishes.

The subject of great interest among chefs and among all those who love delicious food, is Carnaroli rice, often called the king of rice.


How did this variety of Carnaroli gain such fame and what dishes is it used for?

Carnaroli is an Italian variety of rice. It is produced in organic farming in the northeastern part of Pavia. The specific characteristics of the area, the humidity, the peculiarities of the microclimate and the traditions of growing the culture are the reason for the unique taste qualities, the size of the grains and the wide application of Carnaroli in the modern Italian cuisine.

Carnaroli rice has a higher content of rice starch and a stronger structure than many popular types of rice. This gives it a more creamy texture during heat treatment. Its grains are slightly longer than usual in other varieties, they are also harder and retain their shape better with slow heat treatment.

Due to their structural features, the grains retain the state of chewing gum for a long time and do not pass from al dente to a sticky state, as most other types of rice do. This makes Carnaroli rice the perfect rice for making the famous Italian risotto as well as Spanish paella. It is also suitable for any dish that requires rice grains to have a creamy texture.

Apple risotto

Another important feature of this type of rice is its ability to absorb the aromas and flavors of other spices in the dish, combining in incredible harmony with other products. The combination of Carnaroli with meat, mushrooms, vegetables, seafood and white wine, boiled over low heat, creates a culinary magic called Italian risotto - an exquisite work of Italian gourmet style.

If you have a package of Carnoli rice, then you can easily prepare one of our favorite recipes for rice pudding.



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