Arborio Rice

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arborio rice

The most important thing about rice is that it is a staple food for more than half of the world's population. This impressive fact makes this culture one of the main ones in the culinary world. Its cultivation is a very early practice, as early as 3500 BC, in Thailand.

There is a great variety of species of this crop - over 800 species of rice are known.

All species contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins, mainly from group B. This plant is recommended in some diets for weight regulation, because of the carbohydrate content, which satiates for a longer time.

The combination with vegetables is not only tasty, but also healthy, because it has a beneficial effect on the heart function and blood circulation. We will get to know one of the types of rice called Arborio and we will present you with everything you need to know about it.

Arborio rice - origin and characteristics

Raw arborio rice

Arborio rice is named after the town of Arborio in Italy, where it is grown. It is one of the most famous Italian varieties of rice. At first it was grown only in its homeland, but now it is increasingly found in the US states of California and Texas.

The grains of Arborio rice are soft, round, pearly and white in color. The size of the grains varies within certain limits and depending on this it is known by different names. In Italy, the fine-grained one is the most preferred, while in the USA the small-grained one is used.

Starch content in Arborio rice

Arborio is milled a little and therefore contains more starch. When rice is cooked with a lot of starch, it acquires a creamy appearance. Arborio is valuable because it can absorb six glasses of water without getting mushy. The combination with other flavors is very successful and that is why it is mostly used to make the famous Italian risotto.

How to cook Arborio rice?

This rice is cooked to a degree of readiness, like pasta. It is ready in about 20 minutes, as the heat does not reach the inside of the rice grain. It must remain al dente. This means removing the rice from the hob just before it is fully cooked and allowing it to absorb the water in the hot pot. This will keep the beans in shape. The most important condition for its preparation is not to wash the rice, because the starch in it will be washed away. Apart from risotto, Arborio is a very suitable ingredient in soups.

Risotto with arborio rice

Recipe for a fantastic risotto with Arborio rice

• Measure the rice, providing 2.65 oz (75 grams) of rice for each portion.

• The vegetables of choice are cleaned, washed, chopped and sauteed in a little fat - 1 tablespoon per serving of rice should be provided.

• Add the onion and saute it until it becomes transparent.

• Add the unwashed Arborio rice and stir it until it turns glassy.

• Prepare a homemade vegetable broth - about 7 cups (1.5 liters). Half of it is poured as soon as the rice turns glassy ​​and it is left to boil, while stirring, so that it does not burn. Add the rest gradually until the rice absorbs it.

• The degree of readiness of Arborio should be al dente, which is achieved after about 20 minutes.

• Add butter or Parmesan cheese and distribute it in portions in warmed up plates.



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