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Can I Make Jam with Unrefined Cane Sugar

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Can I Make Jam with Unrefined Cane Sugar

If you're wondering if you can make jam with unrefined cane sugar, the answer is yes. When you have very well-ripened fruit, such as plums, you can make jam with them without using refined white sugar.

It can be mixed with unrefined cane sugar. All you will need is very well-ripened fruit, about 1,200 kg, and unrefined cane sugar, the amount of which is 500 g.

The first part of making this jam is to wash the fruit you are going to use very well. To do this, soak the fruit in a bowl of water for 30 minutes.

- Before the fruit is prepared, two things must be done to check the consistency of the jam:

- Place a plate in the freezer with a few spoons of the jam to check its consistency when cooled;

- The other thing to do is the sterilization of the jars and the lids;

And here's how to prepare the jam itself with brown sugar:

- The fruits are removed from the bowl of water. Wash very well and dry with a clean towel;

- Then they are cleaned from pits or seeds, if any, and cut into small pieces;

- Then put the fruit in a large bowl and sprinkle with cane sugar;

- After they have been in it for a while, transfer them to a pot and wait for them to boil without covering them with a lid;

- Cooking the fruit takes between 45 minutes and an hour, it depends on the fruit you have chosen;

- When the homemade jam reaches the consistency you want, you can pull it off the heat;

- It is distributed, while still hot, in the prepared jars and tightly closed with lids;

- It is important that the jars are also hot, because if you put hot jam in cold jars, they will burst;

- The brown sugar jam is left to cool at room temperature. You don't need to refrigerate it in any way.

This way, with unrefined cane sugar you can prepare:

- apple jam;

- strawberry jam;

- pear jam.



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