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Can Pesto Be Frozen?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Can Pesto Be Frozen?

Pesto is at the top of Italian sauces. It is probably the most used and widespread sauce in the world. There is hardly a person who does not love freshly made pesto.

But can pesto be frozen

Yes, it can and it has several advantages:

- When it is summer and there is an abundance of herbs, you can get them and use them to make fresh pesto, which after freezing you will enjoy in the winter;

- If you have made more pesto than you need, the best way to store it is to freeze it;

- There is a guarantee that the pesto will not spoil in the freezer. Because of the liquid in the pesto, it will freeze into a solid lump and when you need a little, you'll have to defrost the whole lump. Therefore, it is good to divide it into portions, depending on what your needs are and then freeze it in small boxes. You can freeze your pesto in ice cube trays. This is also a very practical solution, because you can easily take out a cube of pesto and add it to the dish you are cooking;

- When you put pesto or anything else in the freezer, it must have a label;

- Disadvantage of freezing pesto is that the longer it sits in the freezer, the more it loses its nice green color. This is especially true for basil pesto. But that is not a problem. After defrosting it, you can add more herbs to it, which will improve its taste and color;

- If you are going to defrost the pesto, it should be done in the refrigerator and preferably overnight. You can also defrost it in a pot of water over very low heat.

See exactly what spices go with pesto and once you've prepared the magic sauce, you can use it for a homemade pizza or delicious tagliatelle.



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