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Can Persimmon be Frozen?

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Can Persimmon be Frozen?

Despite its softness, persimmon, if stored properly, can be kept fresh for months. We're talking about both ripe and unripe persimmon.

A ripe persimmon cannot be stored in any way, including freezing. If you buy a persimmon, you should eat it within a few days.

Unripe persimmon can be stored dried, frozen and frozen. It can be stored both at room temperature and in the refrigerator. The best temperature at which you can store persimmon is from 0°C to + 1°C.

In the refrigerator, this fruit should be stored in the fruit compartment and there should be no sudden change in temperatures.

A persimmon will stay fresh if its fruit is aired regularly, because when it lacks oxygen, it spoils very quickly.

If you have a lot of these fruits, then you can keep them on the balcony in a wooden crate with holes so that there is enough ventilation in it;

If you store a persimmon in contact with other fruits, then it is imperative that it be eaten as soon as possible, because the process of ripening and rotting when in contact with other fruit is faster.

If the persimmon is stored in high humidity, then it will begin to dry quickly and its surface will be covered with fine wrinkles.

If you store the persimmon in your freezer, then its astringent disappears from the fruit and it becomes sweeter. If you put the persimmon in sugar syrup and freeze it, it will last a long time.

After being frozen, the pulp of this fruit can break its consistency - its taste qualities can be damaged or deteriorate.

If you've got a few of the autumn fruit, you should prepare some persimmon recipe.



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