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Alcohol Etiquitte in the Different Countries

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When it comes to alcohol and making a toast some countries have their own traditions, which are recommended you uphold if visiting the country in question, in order to avoid insulting your hosts.

The international food order and delivery service, foodpanda, has come up with a list of some of the most curious habits having to do with the alcoholic drinks in 9 of the most popular tourist destinations.

1. Greece - when in Greece and in the company of Greeks, never make a toast with a nonalcoholic beverage. This is believed to attract bad luck.

2. Russia - you must never mix your alcoholic drink with a nonalcoholic one, when in Russia. The drink must always be pure and it's also considered rude to refuse an offered drink. Vodka must always be drunk standing and never watered down.

3. Italy - a dinner in Italy must only be paired with either wine or water. It's not well accepted to drink another type of alcohol, such as beer, while eating Italian specialties.

4. Czech Republic - in the Czech Republic, calling a toast is mandatory every time you decide to drink from your beverage. Toasts are also accompanied by eye contact. If you're avoiding the gaze of your drinking buddies, they'll consider it an insult.


5. Holland - downing your drink in one gulp is a tradition among the Hollanders. They mix whiskey and beer, place their hands behind their back, after which they boldly drain their glass all at once.

6. Egypt - it's considered rude to the host if you yourself are the one filling up your glass. You have to leave that to the person you're the guest of.

7. Hungary - you must never make a toast with a beer in hand in Hungary. In 1848, the beverage was used to celebrate the execution of 13 people and since then it has been prohibited to toast with beer.

8. China - once you've drunk your beverage you must turn the glass upside down to show the host that you liked it.

9. Turkey - you must never order a drink only for yourself when you're among Turkish people. It's customary to order a bottle for everyone.