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The Typical School Lunch in 10 Countries Around the World

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September is the month primarily associated with the first day of school, and when it comes to schoolchildren, the question of what they are eating is inevitably raised. To mark the beginning of the school year, the restaurant chain Sweetgreen compares the school lunches of 10 countries around the world.

No matter where you find yourself in the world, school administrations unite around the cause of healthy eating of children. Most countries do still uphold traditional culinary habits and keep traditional dishes on the menu.

For example, in Italy and South Korea a fresh salad is indispensable, as is cheese in France and soup in Finland and Russia.


1. Italy - the typical school lunch includes fish fillet with arugula, Caprese salad, pasta with tomato sauce, bread and grapes;

2. France - lunch for students in the country consists of beef steak, a piece of cheese, carrot salad, green beans and fruit.

3. South Korea - students usually eat a lunch of fish soup, rice with tofu, sauerkraut, broccoli and fresh peppers.

4. USA - a typical school lunch for Americans includes chicken nuggets with sauce, mashed potatoes, peas, canned fruits and cookies.

5. Greece - schoolchildren love eating chicken fillet with orzo, stuffed vine leaves, fresh fruits, salad and yoghurt for lunch.

Chicken Nuggets

6. Finland - Finnish kids usually enjoy a lunch of pea soup, sauteed beetroots, carrot salad, bread and blini with fresh strawberries.

7. Spain - lunch for students in the nation consists of shrimp with rice, gazpacho, bread and fruit salad.

8. Brazil - the usual lunch for Brazilian kids is pork with fruits, beans with rice, fruit salad, bread and fried bananas.

9. Great Britain - students munch on hot dogs with beans, a baked potato, half a cob of boiled corn, natural fruit juice and a piece of melon for lunch.

10. Japan - lunch generally includes fried fish, dried seaweed, tomatoes, miso soup, rice and milk.