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Walnuts Fight Colon Cancer

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Walnuts have always been famed for being a superfood. They are thought to protect against a number of diseases and ailments, including prostate cancer, obesity, harmful radiation, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, premature aging, decreased immune function and many others.

But now another piece of good news has surfaced for those who love eating them. Eating just one handful of walnuts a day can suppress the development of carcinoma in the colon. A recent study shows this.

As we know, these nuts are a source of omega-3 fatty acids and many other healthy nutrients. It is because of this notable abundance that walnuts manage to hinder the spread of this dangerous type of cancer. It turns out that walnuts impede the blood supply to the tumor, making it significantly more difficult for it to grow.

The study based on which this conclusion was formed was carried out by experts from Harvard Medical School in the US. According to the scientists, it is the 1st to examine the link between walnuts and micro-ribonucleic acid.

Experts theorize that in a diet with a higher presence of walnuts there is a change in the expression of the micro-ribonucleic acid in the tumor formation of the colon.

Even though more studies are required in this field, experts are convinced that the change in micro-ribonucleic acid expression is closely related to preventing the spread of this type of cancer.


But the scientists don't neglect to mention that these studies have only been done at a laboratory level and it is not fully clear to what extent they will be valid for humans. Regardless, their conclusions are encouraging for many patients suffering from this devastating disease.

As a reminder, colon cancer ranks as the 3rd most common type of oncological disease in the world.