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Birch Juice to be the New Craze in 2015

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Birch Juice

The remarkable properties contained in birch juice will be making it a real hit in 2015, writes the Daily Mail. It can help against fever, headache and for liver treatment.

It is also considered to be effective against dandruff, eczema and even for getting rid of cellulite. It's quite possible for birch juice to become a substitute for the currently popular coconut juice.

Birch juice aids in getting rid of toxins from the body and according to experts will quickly take the place of other healthy beverages that people are currently drinking. Birch juice can be obtained in many areas throughout Europe, writes the article.

The drink can also aid against bronchitis and arthritic pains. To get the juice, the same method that is used for maple juice is applied - by using a drainage system in early spring.

When raw, the liquid is sweet and exceptionally rich in potassium, electrolytes, macronutrients and others. In some areas of Eastern China, Russia, and Eastern Europe, they have long been using birch water - besides everything else it is a wonderful method for rehydration.

The medicinal liquid also contains a substance that controls the level of cholesterol in the blood and maintains a healthy immune system. A large sweet or silver birch tree can give up to 6 1/5 cups (1.5) L of juice without this harming the tree.

Birch juice enjoys wide use - it is used in cosmetics, detoxification, dermatology and more. But it is not only the juice that is healthy - birch leaves nourish hair and give it a wonderful shine.

All you have to do is make a concoction from the leaves - it can also be used to relieve skin problems and arthritic pains. An infusion from birch leaves or buds are an excellent way to treat kidney and genitourinary system problems.