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How to Cook Chicken Livers

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chicken livers

Chicken livers are very tasty and easy to prepare. The recipes are so many, you can make them become very tasty and aromatic. In some recipes it is obligatory to boil, or bake them and in other, only to fry them.

Wit such a wealth of recipes, deciding what to choose and how to make the most delicious dish is hard. Naturally, these are all questions that no one but you can answer. You need to try lots of recipes to find the best one for your taste. There are also suggestions that will repel you while reading the necessary products.

Most often chicken livers are cooked in the oven along with some vegetables - for example, you can add pickles, roasted pepper, a little onion, mushrooms and well-known spices, salt and pepper.

Then you add much seasoning with plenty of cheese and bake in the oven. To become more tender, put some wine, whatever recipe you choose - put ½ tea cup of wine, add the same amount of water.

Another way is to lightly scald and then fry them in butter as you can add mushrooms – it’s a great appetizer. When serving, if you wish you can add a spoonful of mashed potatoes and a glass of wine and do not forget to sprinkle with fresh parsley.

grilled livers

Here is a recipe for grilled liver.

Grilled chicken livers

Products Required : 1 kg chicken livers, 2. Peppers, 2 tomatoes, bunch fresh basil, 200 g mushrooms, 2 carrots, 1 onion, 1 head garlic, salt, pepper, oil, for dressing: milk, egg

Preparation : Boil the livers and leave them for 5 minutes, then drain them. In an oven dish, arrange onion rings and garlic cloves, add the chicken on top, then cover with pre-fried mushrooms, carrot and bell pepper (cut as desired).

Season well with pepper and salt, cover the top with a lid. Once the vegetables release liquid, pull the pan out and add sliced tomatoes, sprinkled with basil.

Put the pan back in the oven – to get nicely toasted tomatoes. After the color changes, you should pour the sauce made from milk and egg in – wait for it to become golden and turn off the oven. Dish is served with a glass of cold beer.



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