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How To Cook Homemade Chicken

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chicken meal

There is nothing more delicious than home production - whether it's fruit, vegetables, spices or meat. Domesticated plants and meats are always safe - you know how it is grown, that it is clean and that there is no chance for it to harm you.

If you have the option of snacking on home-made products, you are truly lucky. But is there a difference in the preparation of domestic animals and the store-bought?

There is a difference, yes. Domestic fowl have a tough meat. The main reason is that they have more movement.

To save yourself from stringy home meat, you just have to boil the chicken before cooking it.

The best and fastest is if you have a pressure cooker. Simmer chicken in there about an hour, then do the already chosen recipe.

chicken leg

If you have a regular pot, you will need to cook it longer - check back from time to time whether the meat is cooked. After being boiled, start cooking, while the broth if you do not use it for soup, is stored. Another day, you can add it to a dish or cook soup.

Here is a recipe for stew, which will use the broth from the chicken:

Domestic fowl stew

Ingredients: 1 hen, 3 heads of onion, 2 tomatoes, 3 peppers, 7-8 potatoes, paprika, salt, oil, parsley.

Preparation: Once you have cooked chicken, cut it in portions. Then cut the onion, put it to fry and add in the preheated oil and meat. Once the onions change color, add 2 tsp paprika and mix - gradually add chopped peppers and tomatoes, pour the broth, which is a cooked chicken and bring to a boil.

After about 20 minutes, add diced potatoes and put soft spices in. If you want to thicken the stew, take 5 tablespoons of the sauce and let them cool. Then add 2 tablespoons flour to the sauce and stir, add to the stew when it is ready, stirring constantly. Then leave to cook for about 2 minutes and turn off the heat.



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