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Small Secrets of the Great Kitchen

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Every cook, even the most experienced, listens with joy to the little tricks that others reveal. With basic knowledge of the products, you can achieve a lot in the kitchen.

Pineapple and kiwi are not suitable for gelling. They contain substances that interfere with the gelatin thickening. Pineapple or kiwi do make jelly, but you have to wait three times as long.

Remember that one ounce equals about 28 grams of product. When you add wine to the meat, you should know that white wine goes to the white meat.

Use white wine with chicken, turkey, fish, gourmet seafood, piglets, sausages. Red wine combines well with red meat, and dark meat - beef, lamb, pork, game, rabbit and duck.


When cooking wine and rice, it will serve a spicy dish not salty. It will contrast well with the spicy seasoning. This way, cooks in Thailand and China make it more tasty.

If you want to add spice to the wine, you should know that vanilla, coffee, mocha, chocolate and cinnamon are too heavy for wine. It is better suited to cloves and nutmeg.

Cooked vegetables contain as much vitamin A as they do raw. To absorb by the body, however, they need some fat, it is best to mix them with olive oil.

Although traditionally dessert is eaten last, recently was launched a trend that it be served before the main meal. It is believed that an aperitif, accompanied by a small dessert kills appetite.

grilled fish

If you're hungry, eat some chocolate, two candies, piece of cake, a few teaspoons of jam or ice cream. This will saturate your bloodstream with glucose, reduce feelings of hunger and thus, overeating.

Mustard stimulates digestion. It enriches the aroma of greasy meat, sausage meat, fish and sauces for salad. Rural cottage cheese, not from the store, is most useful for the body because it is valuable for the heart because of calcium and protein in the presence of less fat.

dried tomatoes

If you want to decorate elegant desserts and cold drinks, add colored ice cubes or ones with flowers. For this purpose, pour the water with a little colored syrup in the ice bucket or put one or two petals or whole flowers in the ice bucket.

Oily fish does not go with wine. Citrus fruits also combine with wine badly - this is true for oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, lemons and limes. Capers contain valuable proteins, fats and vitamins.

You can get yourself popular worldwide Italian sun-dried tomatoes for cooking. To do so, cut summer tomatoes into thin slices. Then salt them and dry them in the sun.

Thus, moisture disappears entirely from them, and their flavor becomes more intense. Then pour the olive oil in, to which are added various spices. Giving you sun dried tomatoes all the winter.