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Save Money by Cooking with Products Available at Home

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You can save a lot of money from shopping made easy - just use what you have at hand. In every home there are many products available, but we are constantly buying new ones to diversify the menu.

Be economical and only eat what you have on hand for a few days. This is useful for when you do not have time for shopping.

You will be surprised at the interesting and enjoyable meals you can create with just what you find in your kitchen. Take into account all of the kitchen cabinets, the refrigerator and freezer.

With a few products, and a lot more imagination you can create a full menu for the whole family. Even your budget cannot stop you from creating delicious and varied dishes.

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If the freezer has fish, thaw it and make into a delicious and nutritional soup with potatoes and various spices. And if you have a few leaves of celery, the soup will be delicious. You will also need onions and spices to taste.

Surely everyone has at least one packet of pasta in their home - macaroni, spaghetti or other types. You can use some of the fish or simply remove some fish from the soup and cook pasta with fish. Season it with tomato sauce or even ketchup.

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If you have a few eggs and salami or sausage leftovers, you can easily make ham and eggs - cut the salami, lightly fry it and pour the beaten eggs in.

And if you have some green onions left over, that you are wondering what to do with, fry them, and pour with beaten eggs - resulting in a delicious and fresh omelet.

To avoid wondering what to cook when your budget is limited or when you just get lazy, always keep a set of basic products in your kitchen. It is good to always have pasta, rice, eggs, and at least one piece of meat or fish in the freezer at hand, as well as basic vegetables such as potatoes and onions.

It is better to have at least one or two packages of starch products. If your refrigerator has milk or dairy products, this will help you diversify your diet.